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Our China Assorted Goods Door To Door Rate With Freight Charge

DESCRIPTION OF GOODS C & F Charge & Freight Per Kg
Mobile Phone Cover 1000/KG
Mobile Charger With Packing 850/KG
Mobile Charger Without Packing 1050/KG
Charger Head 1050/KG
Charger Parts 650/KG
Earphone With Packing 850/KG
Earphone Without Packing 2350/KG
Bluetooth With Packing 950/KG
Bluetooth Without Packing 2850/KG
Mobile Battery 1850/KG
Mobile Battery Cell 1550/KG
Battery Parts Without Battery Cell 650/KG
Smart Phone LCD 2350/KG
Normal Phone LCD 1950/KG
Mobile Phone Touch 1050/KG
Paper Packing Box Without Mobile Box 650/KG
Mobile Screen/Glass Protector 650/KG
Mobile Stand/Selfie Stick/Camera Stand/Tripod 650/KG
Computer Motherboard 750/KG
Computer Hard Disk 850/KG
Laptop Hard Disk 1250/KG
Laptop Display 650/KG
Laptop Charger/Adapter 650/KG
Solid State Drive (SSD) 1850/KG
Computer Monitor 700/KG
Laptop/Note Book (New) 1350/KG
Desktop PC (Complete PC) 1250/KG
Laptop Battery 850/KG
Computer Processor With Cooling Fan 1050/KG
Computer RAM & Processor 2850/KG
Computer Item (Mixed) 1250/KG
CPU Casing 650/KG
Computer Server 1550/KG
Assorted Camera Without Digital Camera & Lens 900/KG
Digital Camera & Digital Camera Lens 2350/KG
Camera Parts 650/KG
DVR & NVR 900/KG
DVR Parts 650/KG
Camera & DVR Adapter 650/KG
Camera Battery 1050/KG
Vehicle Battery 750/KG
Pencil Battery 2350/KG
Coin Cell Battery 3350/KG
Assorted Printer (Big) 650/KG
Assorted Printer (Mini) 750/KG
Toner/Ink Cartridge 650/KG
Printer Parts 650/KG
Printing Ink (Powder/Liquid) 650/KG
Lubricant Oil 1050/KG
Cable & Connector ‘ 650/KG
Electric Parts
(IC/PCB & Other Normal Accessories)
Complete Machine/Molding Machine 650/KG
Auto/Machinery & Sewing Machine Spare Parts 650/KG
Sewing Machine Needle/Knitting Needle 750/KG
Helmet 650/KG
Car DVD 650/KG
Glass/Plastic Beads 650/KG
Pet Film 650/KG
Imitation Jewelry 800/KG
Wrist Watch (Metal) 2350/KG
Wrist Watch (Plastic) 2350/KG
Apple Watch 4000/PC
Smart Watch Without SIM System 3350/KG
Smart Wrist Band With Fitness Tracker 3350/KG
Rubber Band 650/KG
Watch Parts (Strap/Movement/Housing) 650/KG
Watch Battery 3350/KG
VR Box 650/KG
Sunglass/Optical Frame 1850/KG
Protective Goggles 700/KG
Optical Lens 700/KG
Contact Lens 750/KG
Fiber/Media Converter 850/KG
Epon/Gpon ONU 850/KG
SFP Module 1050/KG
OLT/Transmitter 750/KG
Walkie Talkie Battery Without Housing 1050/KG
Router 850/KG
Amplifier & CATV Modulator 700/KG
Binocular & Microscope 650/KG
Analyzer Machine 650/KG
Infrared/Digital Thermometer 850/KG
Pulse Oximeter 1250/KG
Oxygen Concentrator 750/KG
Humidifier 650/KG
Blood Glucose Test Strip 1350/KG
Blood Glucose Meter 750/KG
Syringe & Catheter 1050/KG
Medical Equipment 650/KG
Foot Patch 650/KG
Hearing Aid 650/KG
Hospital Bed With Accessories 650/KG
Assorted Cosmetics 1000/KG
Makeup Brush/Puff/Sponge 700/KG
Toothpaste 800/KG
Tooth Brush 700/KG
Furniture Item 650/KG
Assorted Bag 800/KG
Waist Belt 650/KG
Men’s/Ladies Footwear 850/KG
Baby/Infant Footwear 1250/KG
Footwear/Shoe Accessories 650/KG
Electric Cigarette & Parts 1000/KG
Rolling Paper 1250/KG
Electric Cigarette Flavor 2350/KG
Pampers/Diaper/Sanitary Pad 650/KG
Garments Accessories (Button/Zipper/Yarn/Thread) 650/KG
Garments Accessories (Paper Label/Sticker/Tag) 650/KG
Garments Accessories (RFID Tag) 2850/KG
Lace 650/KG
Cloth Accessories 650/KG
Fishing Tools (Wheel/Rod/Reel/Hook 8-c Other) 650/KG
Repairing Tools 650/KG
Gas Stoves 650/KG
Complete TV With Packing Box 1550/KG
TV Parts Without TV Panel 700/KG
Led Light/Lamp/Street Light & Parts 650/KG
Wall Clock/Alarm Clock 650/KG
Meter 650/KG
Massage Apparatus 650/KG
Led Projector 650/KG
Blander (Food Mixer) 650/KG
Access Control 750/KG
Metal Detector 650/KG
TV Set Top Box/TV Card 700/KG
TV Remote 1150/KG
Remote Parts 650/KG
Power Bank 750/KG
Assorted Fan 650/KG
Bus Air Condition/Air Cooler Freeze & Parts 750/KG
Plastic Bottle/Flax/Box/Cap & PP Bag 650/KG
Advertising Material 650/KG
Carpet/Mat 650/KG
Assorted Fabrics 650/KG
Jacket/Sweater 750/KG
Safety Life Jacket 650/KG
Shirt/T-Shirt 1300/KG
Baby Shirt/T-Shirt 1300/KG
Underwear/Bra/Panty 1300/KG
Tie 1550/KG
Ladies Gown/Top’s/Frock/Maxi/Nighty 1000/KG
Scarf/Hizab 1000/KG
Pant 1000/KG
Baby/Infant Garments Without Shirt & T- Shirt 1100/KG
Socks 850/KG
Jersey 800/KG
Blanket 750/KG
Tent 650/KG
Cap & Hat 650/KG
Blazer 2350/KG
Toy Without Robot & Drone 800/KG
Game Pad/Joy Stick/MP5 Player 650/KG
Microphone 650/KG
Power Supply 650/KG
Assorted Speaker 650/KG
Door Lock With Accessories 650/KG
Egg Incubator 650/KG
Showpiece/Flower Vase 650/KG
Splicer Machine & PLC Splitter 650/KG
Artificial Flower 650/KG
Hair Band/Clip & Comb 650/KG
Umbrella 650/KG
Money Counting Machine 650/KG
Calculator/Cash Register 650/KG
Bathroom Fitting 650/KG
Tableware/Kitchenware 700/KG
Tablet PC Without SIM System 2350/KG
Switch/Socket & Parts 750/KG
Led Module 650/KG
Washing Machine 650/KG
Washing Ball 650/KG
Sports Equipment 650/KG
Assorted Gloves 650/KG
Assorted Mask 650/KG
Online Goods/Mixed Item 1050/KG
Telephone Set 750/KG
Pen Drive With Packing 3350/KG
Blank CD 1250/KG
Assorted Pen 650/KG
X-Ray Film 650/KG
Color Material & Paint 650/KG
Assorted Food Item 850/KG
Electric Water Heater 650/KG
Electric Smoothing Iron 650/KG
Tyre 700/KG
Glue 650/KG
Diary/Notebook/Book & Cover 650/KG
Stationary Item 650/KG
Bed Cover/Bed Sheet 650/KG
Lantern 650/KG
Vertical Blind (Curtain) 850/KG
Silicon/Rubber Contraceptive (Condom) 750/KG
Hardware Item 650/KG
Lift Wire & Dish Line Wire 650/KG
Smart Card 7350/KG
PVC White Card 750/KG
Paper & Paper Board 650/KG
Shaver/Trimmer/Hair Removing Appliances 2350/KG
Hair Dryer & Hair Straightener 950/KG
Scooter & Balance Car 1100/KG
Bicycle 650/KG
Assorted Lighter 700/KG
Dummy Phone 1250/KG
Display Dummy 650/KG
Plastic Holder & Other Plastic Material 650/KG
Bag Accessories 650/KG
Green Tea 1100/KG
Mirror/Glass & Frame 650/KG
Playing Card 750/KG
Weighing Scale 650/KG
Spill Kit (Storage Bag & Dust Box) 650/KG
Wall Paper 650/KG
Raincoat 750/KG
Key Ring 650/KG
Chandelier/Decoration Light 700/KG
Solar Panel 650/KG
Catalogue 65-0/KG
Guitar & Musical Instrument 650/KG
Mosquito Net 650/KG
Fishing Net 650/KG
Advertising Display Board 750/KG
Aluminum Material 650/KG
Poultry Feed & Powder 1550/KG
Pharmaceutical Raw Material 3350/KG
Textile Chemical 1250/KG
Soap Dispenser 650/KG
Drawing Board 650/KG
PPE 1000/KG
Foam 650/KG
Table/Dish/Dust Cloth 650/KG
Vacuum Cleaner/Floor Mop 650/KG
Towel 650/KG
Tissue 650/KG
Tress Lock/Vehicle Lock (Security Alarm) 750/KG
Turbo Charger 650/KG
Pillow & Pillow Cover 650/KG
Smoke Detector 650/KG
Inverter 650/KG
Pet Accessories 650/KG
PVC Banner 650/KG
Fogger Machine 650/KG
Assorted Flask & Kettle 650/KG
Fire Alarm & Accessories 1100/KG
Hand Sanitizer 650/KG
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