Sea Air Worldwide Ltd


Company List

Position Company Name Timeline
Director Equity Builders Limited 2011 – Present
Founder Contour That 2016 – Present
Managing Director Sea Air Worldwide 2017 – Present
Founder 2018 – Present
Director PrimeTect Limited 2018 – Present
Founder 2018 – Present
Founder  2020 – Present
Founder  2020 – Present
Founder (USA)  2020 – Present
Founder  2021 – Present
Founder  2021 – Present
Director (UK) Sea Air Worldwide Ltd  2021 – Present
Founder  2021 – Present

Story Behind our C.E.O

Representing Bangladesh by expanding prospectus businesses.

Born with a family background from Real-estate, I have started my start-up  from home with initial investment of  30k BDT (350 USD), Over a few years I expanded my businesses to USA, UK, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Myanmar. Received Daraz Best Seller Award.

My journey being a successful entrepreneur had its ups and down but by Allah’s grace were able to overcome any minor or major obstacles and still were able to set up many more tech based ventures and besides I am blessed that was able to help others expand their business and encourage their ideas to implement and successfully run it.

I believe, I am more interested in what I can create than in what I can consume.

I am more interested in what I can share than in what I can own.

I am more interested in living my own life rather than viewing others on television or the big screen.

I think for myself and choose my own heroes.



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